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 I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your workshop, including your explanation of the different spices, working with them, smelling their wonderful aromas and then tasting them in some delicious cooking around your kitchen table with the door open to your beautiful garden.  Just the sort of inspiration I needed!” Shân

Alchemy of Spice  PLACES AVAILABLE

Monday July 17th 10.30am-2.30pm
£45 per person

Join me in my home kitchen in this small group class. I am really looking forward to sharing the foundation of my love for spices again, this course always books up and it is exciting to be teaching it at home for the first time.

Suitable for novice and proficient cooks alike, this one-day workshop will introduce the delights of cooking with spices – whole, ground, roasted & raw. We will look at pastes and tarka, pickles, salads, curries, spiced rice and bread and more besides!

This one day workshop will be a mixture of individual, group and pair work, with some short demos from me and lots of hands on cooking action from you! We will work together to create a many dished lunch to share and enjoy, and there should be left overs to take home too.

The menu I design will be based on the dietry requirements of those attending, as such it may include meat and fish, while the majority of the dishes will be vegan or vegetarian.


There are just 5 places available on this popular course.

Cost includes lunch & food to take away.

Spiced Salads & Sugar Free Treats  PLACES AVAILABLE 

Saturday July 29th 10.30am-2.30pm
£45 per person

This brand new course will look at easy and quick ways to make delicious spiced salads – hand blending dukkah, using pickles and other condiments to make dressings, playing with spices whole & ground, raw & toasted…..
We shall also explore alternatives to refined sugar in sweet treats and baked delights.
Kick start your Summer eating with this late Spring look at how to make your home prepared food healthy & vital!


There are just 5 places available on this popular course.

Cost includes lunch & food to take away.

Kids Summer Cookery School  PLACES AVAILABLE 

Monday July 24th, Tuesday 25th, SOLD OUT Tuesday August 2nd, Monday August 8th & Tuesday August 9th 10.30am-2.30pm
£30 per person
Suitable for children aged 10+

Do you have a child who loves to cook?
Then send them along to the Seven Sisters’ Spices Summer Cookery School!
We will get together at 10am, cook together, eat together and then your child/children will come home to you at 2pm with the means to cook you a delicious dinner that evening.

What will we cook?
A variety of things from staples and basics like bread & biscuits, to more adventurous curry pastes & stir fries.
This course is suitable for new cooks and cooks with more experience.
These 4 hour cookery workshops will take place in my home kitchen on Grange Rd, Lewes, and will be taught in groups of 5 – meaning lots of hands on cooking and tutoring.


There are just 5 places available on each date.

Cost includes lunch, recipe booklet & food to take away.