Here you can watch ‘The Woman Who Delivers Lunch From Her Pram’ a BBC Online Magazine film made by Susannah Reid about Seven Sisters’ Spices, me and my pram.

Photo by Dörte Januszewski Lewes Map

Based in the East Sussex County town of Lewes, Seven Sisters’ Spices is a small home-run business with a passion for all things healthy and flavoursome.

My name is Chloe Edwards and in October 2012 our 7 year old daughter, Agatha was diagnosed with T cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a form of blood cancer. At the end of January 2015 she completed many months of treatment and is now bouncing along, we are hopeful, on a path to complete wellness. Following this profound change in our personal circumstances I suddenly found myself at home on sabbatical from my day job, kicking around the kitchen when I wasn’t kicking around the hospital with my girl. This, somewhat perversely, presented me with an opportunity I had long wished for, a chance to focus on my enduring love of good, wholesome food.

I have long been grateful to my mum for having cooked all our home dinners from scratch, this means I have never questioned doing the same. Since Agatha’s diagnosis I have read and researched many aspects of food, diet and nutrition as her appetite ebbed and flowed, and this need to consider food in a new way has woven together with my existing love and interest in the subject to create this enterprise, which I hope will continue to grow into a successful food business.

The main focus of Seven Sisters’ Spices currently is the Friday Lunch Deliveries in Lewes. The menu changes every week and hot and cold lunches are delivered from my yellow Silvercross pram direct to customers throughout central Lewes during Friday lunchtimes. If you live or work locally and like the sound of joining in with this Fruity Friday lark then you can subscribe here to receive the weekly menu via email every Monday. Alongside this I take on outside catering work and regularly produce small batches of chutneys and harissas, which I peddle from my pram and sell at various local events and fairs. I also sell affordable, premium quality spices to the people of East Sussex, supplied in a range of pre-packed quantities which are easy to use up while still at their best, in home roasting packs or as hand ground blends. The developmental plans I have for  Seven Sisters’ Spices are exciting, a key element within them all is a dedication to use only biodegradable and recyclable packaging for all products.

Here I will celebrate and share my love of whole spices, baking and cooking generally. I will document my journey from home cook to hopeful retailer, as I work through recipes and build my menus, price lists and outlets.

Thanks for reading and please do join me on my journey towards a healthy, tasty future.