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Each month will be different, allowing you to develop your repertoire of expertise with spices! And each month will roam around various regions, giving you spices for dishes delicious if served together but equally tasty if made individually with other accompaniments that you may prefer.

As with all Seven Sisters’ Spices larder products, the majority of the ingredients are organic and fair trade. All the packaging is fully recyclable or biodegradable, even down to our labels.

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For October’s Spice Club Box we travel back to the Indian subcontinent. So this month’s box includes recipe cards and spices for the following dishes, all of which can be enjoyed individually or as one big feast of a meal:

Madras Curry: One of my best sellers, Seven Sisters’ Spices Madras Curry powder is both spicey and delicious, packing chilli heat but not so much that the other flavours are swamped. Its a really versatile blend, great chucked in with the onions for a soup or stew, but it shines when it is made into a Madras Curry Paste as with this recipe. With the main recipe featuring pork this recipe comes with vegan/vegetarian alternatives.

Madhur Jaffrey’s Vegetable Biryani: This recipe is a simple take on a vegetable biryani. Lightly spiced at various points with different whole and ground spices, our kit will make this dish a breeze to put together and also features my own Garam Masala blend.

Cashew Nut & Green Bean Curry: Cashews cooked in spices and coconut milk, with a lovely crunch of french beans – there is a lot to love in this dish. It’s a regular family favourite in this house!

Apple Chilli Jam: Take advantage of the apple season and make up some of this lovely Apple Chilli Jam. Gently spiced with cinnamon & cloves with the added bite of fresh and ground chilli, this jam is delicious with cheese, roast pork or on it’s own! Makes a great gift for friends too.

Orange Hibiscus Biscotti: I have struggled to know what to call these, they have so many tasty ingredients in them – almonds, pistachio, coconut, orange, cardamom, cinnamon and hibiscus – where to begin! But the lingering flavour is that of orange and hibiscus, hence the nam.  Dairy and gluten free, these biscotti are really easy to make and very good to eat too.

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